American History Agenda:

- Attendance

- Turn in homework

- Read chapters 2-3

- Assign tonight's homework

In Class Presentation:
- Speaker coming to present on various vocational trades

This is the kind of chalkboard East Los Angeles students saw. Youth were forbidden from using Spanish in school.

Mexican-American curriculum was ignored. Vocational trades were pushed far more than college.  From both the inside and outside, these High Schools were falling to serve their students.




Schools Falling Apart
Denied bathroom at lunch
Pushed away from college and into vocational trades
Forbidden to speak Spanish
Curriculum ignored Mexican-American History
Belittled and Berated by Teachers
This had been years in the making. Systematic oppression from administration, teachers, politicians and the media against youth specifically due to their heritage eventually pushed students over the edge. So they finally banded together to bring about change. 
It was also powerful through the way that students and select teachers connected. Here is a student-teacher duo that impacted the movement in a big way.