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Casa 0101

A forum for all news and announcements of wonderful plays concerning our partner CASA 0101.

Aug 30, 2018

Primarily based fully upon seeding, neither No. 9 Kansas Country nor No. 11 Loyola-Chicago really should contain performed still a single activity within the South Area of the 2018 NCAA Event.Amusi
Mar 9, 2018

Hi, Two of the six magical bushes on my island never seem to have blossom on them. Yesterday I noticed that one of them did. However, as I went to pick it, a nearby horse boldly walked up to it and ap
Apr 3, 2018

Hi, What is the optimum split of main versus GPU memory for a Raspberry Pi 3 B+?! The default configuration is 64. Would 128? 250? what would provide the best performance balance? Please help. I did
Mar 9, 2018

Hi, I'm sure I read this in another thread but can't find it now...I know there are 8-12 islands in single player exploration but did I read somewhere that they are always evenly numbered, so you get
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