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USC Center for Diversity & Democracy in Partnership with CASA 0101

The Boyle Heights Museums is a research, exhibition, and educational project that preserves and celebrates the multi-ethnic history of Los Angeles' Boyle Heights neighborhood. Our online museum is an interactive platform dedicated to sharing the rich history of the Boyle Heights community. Information on each historical and cultural exhibit is available on the online platform. Learn about the history of Boyle Heights and share your own story on the interactive site.

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Current Exhibit

Boyle Heights:

Traditions of Innovations

Fall 2021

The story of Boyle Heights has been rooted in the innovation and entrepreneurship of its residents. As a neighborhood that has welcomed newcomers from around the country and the world, Boyle Heights has always reflected the dynamism one sees in immigrant communities. Its energy is complemented by the drive and passion embedded in working-class and poor families that need to generate income for survival. Much of that energy can be witnessed in its vibrant street culture, in the street-front ethnic businesses that have always dominated the neighborhood, and in the street vendors that have invested in selling their wares directly to customers on the sidewalks.

Past Exhibitions

The Boyle Heights Museum was established in 2017 and has been producing exhibits dedicated to the history of the local community. Our past exhibits take a look at the history of Mexican repatriation, the student walkouts of the 1960s and the community activism during the election of Edward Roybal.


Museum Hours

The Boyle Heights Museum's physical location is temporarily closed.

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